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(Prêtresse des Rennes)

Pretesse des Rennes Square WEB copy

 The fragrance of an ancient coniferous forest alive with sacred fungi

Plants and resins used during the neolithic to purify the atmosphere, heal and take shamanic journeys.

Learn more about the story behind “Reindeer Priestess”

Ingredients:  Balsam Fir resin, Pine resin, Spruce resin, Amanita muscaria mushroom, Reindeer lichen, Tree moss, Juniper Berries, Sweetgrass, Angelica root, Ice Man fungus,  all bound together with Rose hips soaked in hydromel and organic Honey.


Odin's Eye Square WEB copy


This incense was created for artists, musicians, songwriters, seekers and seers using shamanic plants traditionally employed by the practitioners of Slavic and Norse pagan, religions for spirit journeys.

Learn more about the story behind “Odins Eye”

Ingredients:  Sweet Gale nutlets, Labrador Tea leaves, Yarrow flowers, Henbane seeds, Mandrake root, Propolis.  All bound together with Ash berries marinated in Hydromel and organic Honey. 

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